EPEC Pastry Workshop


EPEC Pastry Workshop March 23rd 2019

Culinary Instructor: Abdel Aziz El Ayari, Executive Pastry Chef at Ramses Hilton Hotel.

Location: Kitchen 3, New Cairo

Tunisian Chef Abdel Aziz El Ayari, Executive Pastry Chef of the Ramses Hilton, conducted a hands-on workshop on the uses of pasteurized eggs in pastries. Chef Abdel Aziz El Ayari used EPEC’s Whole Egg, Egg Yolk and Egg Whites to make a variety of products.

Egg Yolk

  • Crème Brûlée

Whole Egg

  • Different kinds of Sponge Cakes

Egg White

  • Macron
  • Meringue

Pasteurized eggs are high in good cholesterol, protein, vitamin A and antioxidants. The pasteurization process kills dangerous salmonella bacteria and protects consumers from avian flu virus. The use of pasteurized eggs will enhance consistency and improve food safety in your operation.